Tarkarli – Clean beach to enjoy & relax


Tarkarli – Clean beach to enjoy & relax

Tarkarli is a remote village situated in Malvan taluka of Sindhudurg district, Maharashtra. It is a beach destination and remote place in southern Maharashtra. Few years ago, Tarkarli beach was declared as a Queen Beach of the Konkan region. Tarkarli Beach is situated almost 7 km south of Malvan and 546 km from Mumbai. 

On the shores of the Arabian Sea, it’s known for the white sands and clear waters of Tarkarli Beach, a popular spot for water sports. To the south, the peaceful backwaters of the Karli River are lined with palm trees and inhabited by dolphins.

Monthly, Thousands of tourists are visiting this place to rejuvenate and enjoy the thrill of water sports activities. All Water Sports activities in Tarkarli are going on as per international safety standards and under guidance of a professional instructor(Dive Master) with modern safety equipment. Many scuba diving operators run these activities near Tsunami island, Devbagh because of shallow water and low life risk.

The beautiful beach and the clear water where you can see the 20 ft deep sea bed clearly on a bright and sunny day. This is the point where the Karli River meets the Arabian Sea. The pristine beach has always been popular among the nature lovers. You would definitely enjoy it there.

This place has gained prominence because of its long and narrow stretch of beach with pristine waters. Tarkarli has a special mention in history because of its connection to the legendary Maratha warrior, Shivaji. He wanted to build an invincible fort on an island, with a considerable distance from the Janjira Fort. Thus, he chose the island of Kurte for it and made a fort with an extensive area of 48 acres, strategically made to keep enemies away. The fort was built in the 17th century and was named as Sindhudurg Fort, also known as the Malvan Fort.

Sindhudurg Fort is an important tourist destination. The entrance to the fort is called Dilli Darwaja. Moreover, it is also known for the temple dedicated to the Shivaji. The great warrior also built three other forts – Padmagad, Rajkot and Sarejkot – in Tarkarli.

Major attractions: Snorkeling, Scuba Diving, Bison National Park, Parasailing, Tarkarli Beach, Dolphin Spotting and Sindhudurg Fort.

This is considered as one of the best beach vacations for families due to the large number of water sports.

Accommodations: Tarkarli Resort – MTDC, Sea View Tarkali Resort, and Tarkarli Holiday Homes & Beach Resort

The main occupation of the people living in Tarkarli is fishing. Local fisherman head out into the sea all throughout the year except during the monsoon season. The place enjoys pleasant weather all throughout the year with little change in the summer and winter temperatures. 

When to Visit? Winter is the best season for visiting Tarkarli. The months from October to March is when Tarkarli becomes an ideal holiday destination. Monsoons can also be a favorable time for planning a trip, although the heavy rainfall might ruin your plans. The summers, though, are the least advisable time to visit Tarkarli, owing to the scorching heat and the unbearable humidity.

Winters in Tarkarli is a great time to engage in watersports activities like snorkelling, scuba diving, boat rides and lots more, which operate on a full swing during this season.

Apart from that, you can also enjoy other beach and outdoor activities. 

Several cultural programs and festivals are held in winters, which uplift the artistic spirit of Tarkarli. 

Ramnavami Utsav is the most popular festival of Tarkarli, and it is grandly celebrated in the Mahapurush temple. Every year, this temple witnesses a great fanfare of visiting tourists and locals.

Best Places to visit:

  • Deobagh Beach Sangam
  • Sindhudurg Fort
  • Shree Shivchhatrapati Temple

Built in 1695 by Rajaram in the honour of his father – Maratha ruler ChhatrapatiShivaji, this is one of the oldest temples in this area. The temple has an idol of Shivaji carved in black stone and has the prints of his feet and palms on limestone slabs on the tower near Dilli Gate.

  • Vijaydurg Fort
  • Karli backwaters
  • Dhamapur lake
  • Kolamb Beach
  • Achra Beach

Shopping in Tarkarli

Tarkarli is a beautiful scenic beauty with lots to shop from.

It is very famous for its cashew nuts which are very fresh. The place is also known for its cashew bars which one can get from Zanytes factory outlet in Malvan market. One must also for sure go and try out the amba poli that is aam papad there, amba wadi, kokam wadi and karvande wadi. Ensure that you surely get all this packed for your family and friends who are surely going to enjoy the munchies. Every visitor visiting the place must surely visit the market before coming back.


Tarkarli is famous for its delicious seafood. Kombdi-vade, Malvani mutton curry and mori masala are some of the seafood delicacies worth trying in Tarkarli. There are quite a few restaurants in Tarkarli that serve delicious seafood for the non vegetarians. Sol kadi and aamras served by the restaurants in the town are vegetarian delicacies worth trying.

Bamboo and Chaitanya restaurants are considered to be two of the best restaurants in town, though the restaurant at the MTDC resort also serves a pretty mean feast too.

Languages: Marathi, Hindi, English

How to reach Tarkarli 

By Air

Located on the Konkan coast, Tarkarli does not have its own airport but still one can use airways to reach the place. The approachable airport to this city is Dabolim (Goa) which connects this region with different parts of the country. It is around 80 km away from the center of Tarkarli. From the airport, one can easily hire private cabs which take little over 2 hours to reach the city. Another airport is Kolhapur Airport which is approximately 115 km away from the Tarkarli.

By Rail

The nearest railway station to the city is Kudal which is approximately 45 km away from Tarkarli. One can board various types of trains from cities like Mumbai, Pune and Goa to reach the city. The Konkan Express and Mandovi Express are the major trains which serve Tarkarli.

By Road

The place does not have its direct bus service but one can take a bus till Malvan which is just 6 km away from Tarkarli. From Malvan, the city is well connected by road with the cities like Kolhapur (157km), Sangli (204km), Kudal (28km) and Ratnagiri (169km).

Malwan bus stop

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