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If you want to know Santana Dharma, then come to Banaras, because the knowledge and religion  here, is not in any corner of the world. Echoes of the bells of temple , sound of flowing holy river ganga, peace of Ghat, fragrance of Paan and beauty of Banarasi Sari , comes to mind when we listen ‘Kashi, Varanasi, or Banaras’. The glory of this city resonating with the power of Shiva-Parvati exceeds the expectations of the people. The current MP here is the Prime Minister of the country, Honorable Narendra Modi.

People believe that dying here gives salvation. But actually Banaras teaches how to live life at its fullest. It is the cultural capital of country. Banaras is the only place where the river Ganges flows in the opposite direction ie from south to north. Banaras lives in every drop of the Ganges.


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